When your products share your
brand name, every detail matters.

When your products
share your brand name,
every detail matters.

You could say we’re passionate about concrete. In the concrete business since the 1960s, we watched as construction trends changed, recognized a future for innovative concrete solutions and chose to take the lead in making that a reality.

By 1982, our unique patterns, finishes and techniques were being used indoors and out in successful residential, commercial and municipal projects, and everyone was taking notice.

So we established Tri Con Concrete to develop and install specialized super-flat and joint-free floors and finishes. And we purchased our company and trademarked Patterned Concrete® – our name, our award-winning brand, designs, tools and technologies.

Today, Patterned Concrete® Global is the world’s foremost brand of stamped, decorative concrete design and tooling, and a global leader in architectural cast-in-place and concrete artistry.

Only our trained, licensed PC concrete professionals can carry our name. Others have tried to capitalize on our name, but don’t confuse us with other stamped, imprinted, decorative concrete products. There is no substitute.

There’s only one Patterned Concrete®. We lead. Others only follow™.


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We are lovers of aesthetics. We capture the full glowing spectrum and beauty of natural stone, patinas and polished finishes. We admire form – flowing curves and elegant moulded shapes. We value function – practical concrete solutions that are perfectly crafted, non-slip, colour-stable, crack-resistant and will continue to look good for years to come. And we’re flexible. Sometimes it’s a question of “can we create a product to meet your vision?”

Yes, we can. And we make it easy.

Craftsmanship + Design Planning

Patterned Concrete®’s superior proprietary tools and installation techniques allow us to create surfaces that even masons have had difficulty telling from natural stone. And our levels of expertise, knowledge and craftsmanship are unsurpassed – a testament to a lifetime in the industry and more than 50 years designing and installing world-class residential and commercial concrete solutions.


Patterned Concrete® Professional Licensees are experienced installers, trained and mentored in using our proprietary stamping tools, products and finishes. Under their consultation and mentorship, limited licenses may be available for qualified concrete contractors to use our stamping tools on a single-use basis.

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We care about our product, our partners and our customers. So we do our best to be thoughtful and diligent in everything we do – all the time – ensuring every installation is fully engineered and all design capabilities exhausted to achieve complete customer satisfaction before, during and after the job is done.

We’re committed to architectural concrete solutions that are second to none, work hard for you and guarantee long-term durability.

We’ve proven that since 1972.

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