Enter the concrete market with a proven franchise system with decades of experience in the architectural concrete industry.

Become a Patterned Concrete® Franchisee

During our 40 years in business, Patterned Concrete® Industries, Ltd. has trained and inspired many to choose a career in the architectural and decorative concrete industry. We continue to thrive and move forward by offering franchising opportunities across North America. Patterned Concrete® offers custom manufactured and trademarked tools to our trained professionals. Being a part of team means having the backing when you need it, the marketing support to assist in your growth and access to decades of experience at your fingertips.

The opportunity for the right individual is available in many territories across North America. What that means to you is merging with like-minded contractors who believe in delivering the highest quality of architectural concrete in the industry. In the fast paced world of concrete, Patterned Concrete® will assist you in building your business. Don’t compete, set yourself apart as a Patterned Concrete® Franchisee Contractor.


As a Patterned Concrete franchisee you'll collaborate with others to build your business

Who is a Patterned Concrete® Contractor?

  • A contractor involved in ongoing training and support year after year
  • A dedicated contractor who produces the highest quality and most durable concrete finishes, someone who takes pride in their work.
  • An individual who understands the needs of their customers and works to surpass the customer’s expectations
  • A business person with an entrepreneurial spirit, someone great working with a team, someone eager to learn and advance within an organization
  • A contractor trained to produce and install the highest quality of architectural concrete finishes. Someone ready and willing to attain new knowledge as the industry grows.
  • A member of industry associations.
  • A qualified experienced individual in the field of concrete, hardscape, landscaping or pool deck installations.
  • A happy, driven, success oriented individual.
  • A contractor who participates with other contractors to build relationships with concrete contactors throughout the world.


Benefits of Being Our Partner

  • Part of a branded business with solid history
  • Increased income producer
  • Seasonal- time to work on your business, spend time with family
  • Backed by decades of experience
  • Family atmosphere, assistance 24/7
  • On the job marketing, pre-formatted marketing strategies
  • Technical support
  • Financial assistance and quote development
  • Full training for you and your team
  • Proven business success
  • Worldwide recognition
  • Top in your field
  • Work with a sustainable material
  • Franchise manager dedicated to your success
  • Trademarked tools
  • Ongoing research and development
  • National and international advertising
  • Tradeshow representation


Each Patterned Concrete® Contractor is guaranteed and granted an exclusive territory in which to locate and conduct business operations. Patterned Concrete® International Territorial Rights are normally defined by geographical region and/or country. Under certain conditions, International Territory Rights may be extended to select adjacent countries or regional areas. Exclusive territories shall not overlap.

Would you like to be the EXCLUSIVE PATTERNED CONCRETE® Franchisee Contractor of:

* Miami * Vancouver * Halifax * Chicago * Saskatoon * North West Territories * Edmonton * San Fransisco * Kamloops * Phoenix * Boise * Jackson * New York * Augusta * Portland * Bismarck * Minneapolis * Barrie * London * Vancouver * Los Angeles *

Where are you located? Call us to see if your territory is available!

Franchise Manager’s Message

In many states, provinces and countries around the world we do not yet have a presence. Our current marketing strategy, is to further brand and strengthen the presence in areas we do have representation. As we fortify our business, we appreciate your expressed notice in Patterned Concrete® Industries, Ltd. Through solid leadership, clear brand image and concise planning, our goal is to surpass our competition by driving our market for the benefit of our contractors and customers. Patterned Concrete® Industries, Ltd. is fluctuating and adapting to today’s market and we are excited to move towards a strong future.

To determine your area of territory selection and licensee fee, please complete the Licensee Questionnaire and we will get back to you within 48 hours.

Thank you and we look forward to you joining our network of Licensed Professionals.

Patterned Concrete® Industries, Ltd.