“That’s what makes Patterned Concrete® so great, is they bend over backwards to help all of us. And that’s what makes a family. I really am very appreciative from the bottom of my heart.”

Rey Rodriguez

23 years Patterned Concrete® By Rey, Inc. Texas

“Patterned Concrete® Industries has given me and my family many opportunities to have a much better life, as a owner of a Patterned Concrete® license. It has put me into places that I didn’t even dream of 20 years ago… And because of, being able to, the privilege, of being a Patterned Concrete® owner. It has allowed me to meet some of the best of the best in the industry… every one of us fit that bill of being the best of the best.”

Paul Schneider

21 years Patterned Concrete® Cincinnati

“I remember in 1989… my dad did pools forever, and he said, “You gotta come and check this stuff out” so I went to look at it. Joe [PC owner] was pouring a driveway. And I said “This is a great product. This is good stuff” It’s the best thing I’ve ever done. Being a Patterned Concrete® guy with all the lieutenants that are in this room that basically help out.”

Peter Padula

25 years Patterned Concrete® Mississauga

“It’s in my blood. Patterned Concrete®, every morning, every night, every day… We’re basically a bunch of people who have been apart of the evolution of imprinting and stamping concrete. I think we have a lot to offer and I think we have a lot of years ahead of us, in terms of good.”

Joe Guida

28 years Patterned Concrete® Ontario