Let's Grow Your Decorative Concrete Business

Let's Grow Your Decorative Concrete Business
grow your concrete business with Patterned concrete

Let’s Grow Your Decorative Concrete Business

All across North America, the demand for decorative concrete continues to grow. That provides contractors with a lot of opportunities to plant roots and expand. There are lots of businesses and homeowners out there that want this service. They want the great appearance and durability of stamped concrete. That’s a lot of potential for anyone in the concrete industry.

Still, it takes more than demand to make yourself successful. You have to establish yourself as a “name” in your area. You have to offer something that stands out for its quality.

It’s tough to build your name and get the respect you deserve. It can take years to polish up your skills. It’s even harder to establish your reputation. Even with a lot of hard work, it can take some lucky breaks.

Being part of something that already has a history of success and a recognized name can help. Do you want to run your own business but enjoy the value of being part of a successful brand? You should consider becoming a franchisee of Patterned Concrete.

The benefits of being a franchisee are many. They can become the springboard to a more successful business. Yes, you still need to develop your skills and work hard. But it also provides you with the support you need to expand.

Patterned Concrete is actively looking for new franchisees in both Canada and the United States. There are many markets where we’d like to expand. We’ll look at just a few of them here. But whether you’re in one of these or some other area, get in touch and let’s talk about how we can welcome you to the family!


vancouver is a great place for stamped concrete

Canada’s largest Pacific city is also one of its best-known. Sometimes known as “Hollywood North”, many films have been shot here over the years. While it’s a modern city, it also holds onto many traditional elements.

Vancouver has grown from around 13,000 residents in the early 1890s to nearly 700,000 today. The Greater Vancouver area is the third-largest metropolitan area in all of Canada. And it shows no signs of slowing down!

The region’s growth and strong economy make it a great place to grow a decorative concrete business. Patterned Concrete would love to work with contractors in the area.


beautiful kamloops is great for business

Kamloops, British Columbia is a smaller city. Still, there’s a huge potential for contractors here. As the city continues to grow, there will be a need for all kinds of project. They’ll range from single-family residences to large business centers and shopping malls.

This is one of the hottest and driest cities in Canada. Kamloops needs someone who can stand the heat and still get the work done. Are you ready to work with Patterned Concrete to be that contractor?

San Francisco

run your own decorative concrete business in san francisco

Moving south on the Pacific coast, we find the city famous for streetcars, the Golden Gate Bridge, and more. San Francisco’s proximity to Silicon Valley makes it one of the USA’s wealthiest cities, as well.

The California Gold Rush in 1849 led to huge growth in the city’s population. It went from about a thousand people to 25,000 in just a year. San Francisco and its metropolitan area continue to expand even though it’s a slower pace. That means there are businesses and residences looking for great stamped concrete installations.

Los Angeles

los angeles is a huge market for a stamped concrete franchise

The City of Angels is the second-largest city and center of the second-largest metro area in the US. It’s a modern city built for the automobile. Wide streets and enormous highways handle the traffic in southern California.

From Hollywood to Disneyland to Rodeo Drive, Angelenos can enjoy a bit of everything. And with near-perfect weather, they can also enjoy their patio year-round. It’s a great place to own a decorative concrete franchise!


Expand as a concrete contractor in Phoenix Arizona

Like the mythological bird it’s named for, Phoenix endures extreme heat. At least “it’s a dry heat”, although that’s not much consolation when the thermometer reaches 119° F (48 °C)! They may never deal with our Toronto cold, but we’re not sure which is worse!

Still, Phoenix is a beautiful young city and part of a growing metropolitan area. Local suburbs include Scottsdale, Mesa, Tempe, Chandler, and more.

The right contractor will find a lot of opportunity for growth. He or she won’t be doing many heated driveway installations, of course. But stamped concrete driveways, patios, and plazas are a sure hit!

New York

new york offers tons of opportunities in one of the world' biggest markets

What needs to be said about the Big Apple? It’s a huge market, which means there are all kinds of opportunities. At the same time, that makes it tough for the little guy to stand out.

Across the five boroughs, companies and homeowners want the best in outdoor surfaces. They want something that looks great but is also as tough as the city itself. And that’s exactly what a Patterned Concrete franchise can offer.


ready to pour stamped concrete in the chicago area?

Rounding out the big three of the USA’s largest cities, Chicago rightly earns the nickname “The Windy City”. Lake Michigan serves as a perfect backdrop for this fantastic city. And it’s definitely the right kind of town to work in decorative concrete. Fabled Wrigley Field and the “bean” sculpture are just two of its famous landmarks.

Stamped concrete can help preserve Chicago’s wonderful character. The backing of decades of expertise and a widely-known brand name will help make an impact in this market.


be a concrete contractor in edmonton

Alberta’s capital city will likely hit a population of a million in the next couple of years. It’s experienced a high rate of population growth for over a hundred years and shows no signs of slowing down.

Traditionally, the economy’s been tied to oil. More recently, Edmonton has become a center for technological development.

With no sign of slowing down, Edmonton is a great place to set up a  decorative concrete franchise!


saskatoon is prime territory for a concrete franchise

Saskatchewan’s largest city doesn’t have a huge population. But development and growth continue to make it an attractive location to own a business. The oil and potash industries are the backbone of the area’s economy. They’ll continue to attract new people to the region.

With such stable industries in place, Saskatoon’s going to continue to expand. That means the need for reputable, knowledgeable stamped concrete installers is great. And we’d love to work with them!

Barrie and London, Ontario

capitalize on the Patterned Concrete name in Barrie

Our original business is in Toronto, and we’ve also got a great franchise going in Mississauga. But there’s so much potential for growth beyond the immediate Greater Toronto Area. It would be awesome to expand our family and offer our services in the London and Barrie areas.

This is the area where the Patterned Concrete name is already best known. Partnering with contractors in these areas can offer a huge mutual boost. People already know what stamped concrete can do for them when it’s backed by Patterned Concrete.


ready to work as a contractor in the concrete industry in the Maritime provinces?

Halifax is one of the most important cities in Canada’s Atlantic region. Because of its location, fishing is a major part of the economy. Forestry and mining are other important local industries. As a port city, it attracts offices of many companies whose products are shipped through here. The number of offices in both the private and public sectors continues to grow, too.

All of that makes it a great place to offer the services of a qualified contractor. A stamped concrete expert with the right support can prosper in Halifax. The people of the region expect and deserve the best. That’s something you can offer as a Patterned Concrete franchisee.

Northwest Territories

become our Patterned Concrete franchise in the Northwest Territories

On the other side of Canada, the Northwest Territories is an excellent place for business. The population is low, but there is still a need for skilled tradespeople to pour and stamp concrete.

You can help provide that service and establish yourself as a key part of the community. Working with Patterned Concrete will help provide you the tools to do so.


you can make a lot as a concrete franchise in Boise, Idaho

Idaho may be famous for its potatoes. It’s also home to some fantastic mid-sized cities including Boise, Coeur d’Alene, and Twin Falls. Boise, the state capital, hosts some big companies like Micron Technology and Albertsons.

The region as a whole is experiencing growth. That makes it a great time to expand or start your work in concrete. And those cold winters might lead to more than a few heated driveway projects, too!

Minneapolis – St. Paul

The Twin Cities are great for business opportunities as a Patterned Concrete franchise

The Twin Cities, Minneapolis and St. Paul, straddle the Upper Mississippi River. These two municipalities and their metro area are home to over three million people. It’s an area that still maintains much of its traditional identity even as it continues to expand and grow. With a market this size, it’s no surprise that the area is home to 18 Fortune 500 companies.

The size of the market and its growth make it an attractive location for a contractor!

Augusta and Portland, Maine

work in concrete in Maine? Learn how to grow your business

The state of Maine is huge compared to its other New England neighbors. Its population centers are somewhat space out. But Augusta and Portland are among the largest cities. They offer a promising market in our industry.

We’d love to hear from you if you’re a concrete contractor looking to grow in these areas!


concrete business can boom in bismarck

Bismarck and all of North Dakota had a story of economic success during the Great Recession. Unemployment remained far lower than in most of the US and the economy remained strong. That’s a sign of the resilience and success that the area has enjoyed.

That success also made many people realize what an attractive place it is to live. That also means there are more opportunities for businesses, including contractors!


miami and fort lauderdale offer a great spot for decorative concrete

Last but not least is the wonderful city of Miami. The Miami area includes Fort Lauderdale and the Florida Keys. There’s a reason that the area has been a setting for shows like CSI: Miami, the Golden Girls, and Miami Vice. If you love the beach and the outdoors, it’s an incredible place to visit and even better to live there.

Tourism is a major industry. That means that every hotel, shop, and restaurant wants to have a beautiful space around it. And what could be better than stamped concrete!

If you’re setting up shop in the area, get in touch with us! Let’s see how we can help make you more successful as a Patterned Concrete franchise!


This is by no means a comprehensive list of places we’d love to have franchises. We want to work with contractors and support them as part of our Patterned Concrete family. There are so many opportunities out there. Collaborating with us as a franchise is a great way to expand your business. No matter where you are, feel free to get in touch with us so we can talk about how we can grow together!