Patterned Concrete® celebrates with Port Colborne, Ontario during Canal Days. Port Colborne is the home of our award winning skate park, Lock 8 Skate and BMX Park. As the town enjoys live Jazz, a classic car show, kids entertainment, food kiosks and more, we will be there with Andew from SUD Skates in St. Catherine’s as he demonstrates his skate skills on “our” beautiful skate park!! We are so honored to be part of the celebrations and looking forward to witnessing the big smiles as kids enjoy this one of a kind skate park. For more info visit:

Hope to see you there!!



Care Enough To Act

We, at Patterned Concrete®, are honored to be part of the team working with CETA, (Care Enough To Act) a division of Kenaidan Contracting Ltd., who are completing a home renovation for the Tanglao Family of Thornhill who have a 5 yr old special needs boy, Nathan. Nathan suffers from multiple disabilities and requires 24 hour around the clock care. Along with Kenaidan, who has provided many alterations to the home to accommodate Nathan, including a complete bathroom renovation, widening of doorways to accommodate his wheelchair and building a handicapped access ramp to the home, we at Patterned Concrete® will be installing and stamping a beautiful walkway to the home that will provide a necessary and easy access to the home. We are proud to be an active part of the community in providing this family with much needed changes to their home. We hope our walkway will help Nathan to access his home with ease! We look forward to meeting Nathan, his brothers and family members during the celebratory BBQ June 26th. Thank you Kenaidan and CETA for the invitation to join your team of generous network partners!!



Nova’s Ark

Nova’s Ark, a place where special is welcome! Nova’s Ark is committed to building acceptance for people of all ages and abilities by creating unique opportunities for understanding through a wide range of personalized activities and programs. Nova’s Ark offers specialized camps, school programs, workshops, volunteer opportunities, personalized programming and more. For more information contact Nova personally at Patterned Concrete® is happily attending the BBQ celebration, Saturday June 7th and will be donating concrete stain to enhance the beauty of their existing concrete.