Answers to some common questions.

Specifiers ask:

What is the difference between Patterned Concrete® Global products and other impressed concrete paving?

Patterned Concrete® Global differs in terms of the quality and aesthetics of our proprietary stamp profiles, textures, colours, hardeners and sealers, and the fact that it is a complete system. We provide information on everything from sub-base preparation to colours and sealers. More than 50 years of experience and continuous R&D has set the industry benchmark for best practices to ensure worry-free, long-lasting and aesthetically pleasing projects.

Patterned Concrete has over 50 patented Signature imprinting tools and hundreds of colours and finishes to create world-class designs and award-winning installations, each with specific installation guidelines. And we’re always working on something new.

Do you have preferred vendors/ suppliers?

Only Patterned Concrete® Licensed Professionals can install Patterned Concrete® products – experienced contractors trained in the proper installation methodology and use of our unique tools, products and techniques. Find the Patterned Concrete Licensed Professional nearest you.

There is no Patterned Concrete® Licensed Professional listed in my area. What can I do?

We will work with you to issue a limited license to a qualified concrete professional near you on a project-to-project basis. Please get in touch with joeg@patternedconcrete.com at our Canadian headquarters for details.

My project is in a region with extreme climate conditions. Are Patterned Concrete® products suitable for my geographic area?

Patterned Concrete® stamped architectural concrete projects stand the test of time all around the world. Contact us at 800 252 4619 or info@patternedconcrete.com at our Canadian headquarters for more information on customizing our products for your specific needs.