Driveways, Patios & Pools

It is said that the first Impressions last forever. The first point of impact to your home is provided by the Driveway and Walkway leading up to your entrance. At Patterned Concrete® we consider this philosophy in every design we introduce.

Heated Driveways & Walkway Systems

Adding an element of heat to your driveway or entry way creates a lifestyle that will truly be enjoyed. A Patterned Concrete® engineered heated driveway not only melts snow and ice but actually prolongs the lifespan of your investment by eliminating frost heave, snow plow and salt damage.

Polished Concrete

Smart home owners, architect and designers have become to understand that concrete can offer the beauty of natural polish stone finishes.

Decorative Overlay & Chemical Stains

¼” Overlay Stamp system by PATTERNED CONCRETE® allows the look of stamped concrete to be created over existing concrete. It can be stamped in a variety of textures, patterns and designs to resemble the look of natural stone.

Exposed Pebble Washed Systems

Exposed aggregate concrete is a decorative style of concrete suitable for driveways, walkways, pools and patios, which create an attractive, durable and low maintenance surface for any exterior surrounding.