Driveways, Patios & Pools

Driveways, Patios & Pools

Custom, Custom, Custom!! That’s how Patterned Concrete® makes it easy to capture your setting.

It is said that the first Impressions last forever. The first point of impact to your home is provided by the Driveway and Walkway leading up to your entrance. At Patterned Concrete® we consider this philosophy in every design we introduce. Every home, and its owners are unique in our eyes, and it is for this reason that we customize the design for each job independently.

Coloured and Stamped Concrete make a work of art!

We incorporate intricate design, with different types of finishes and applications that transform your driveway and walkway into a work of Art. We use coloured and stamped concrete and our work has excellent results in Toronto, Calgary, Vancouver and all over Canada.

Backyard Dreams can come true!

A backyard can be an extension to your living space. With introduction of a swimming pool that incorporates a Patterned Concrete® surround and Patio, your outdoor space can be transformed into an outdoor Paradise.