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    Stairs + Walkways

Concrete design choices and curb appeal – the sky’s the limit.

Homes are as individual as the people that live in them, and the hardscape surrounding them can be functional, decorative, or – best of all – both. Of course, front stairs, garden steps, driveways and connecting walkways need to be safe and practical.
Still, they can also be a creative, aesthetic addition that complements your home and expresses your style. Patterned Concrete®’s unique driveways, walkways, stairs and entryways enhance any home or business and smack of curb appeal. Together with beautiful landscaping, an exciting front door, great lighting and other aesthetics, they make a lasting first impression that will make everyone, including potential buyers, want to see more. There is almost no limit to what you can do with Patterned Concrete® products. Patterned Concrete has the most extensive range of stamped concrete and other concrete solutions available – more than 50 unique, proprietary decorative concrete designs in a range of colours and finishes. Mix, match and customize them with aggregate and formed concrete styles to create your vision and creates interest with a one-of-a-kind look. Paths and stairs can connect you to different parts of your property, lead your eye to a focal point in the garden or make people want to come to the front door. Well-defined walkways add texture and character, welcome you home each day, direct your guests and connect you to the neighbourhood you live in. For public and commercial buildings, condos, apartments and businesses, these features along with a stunning entryway put the buildings’ and residents’ best face forward. They can significantly add to the property value. Stairs can be a way to move from one elevation to another. Or to blend in, leaving other features to shine in the spotlight. But they can also be designed for dramatic intent, with colour, texture and finish options to enhance any property. Unfortunately, stairs can also be dangerous, slippery and the site of many slip and fall accidents. Patterned Concrete® installations are non-slip, non-skid and proven to outlast our harsh climate conditions. And beautiful architectural concrete driveway designs change the entire frontage. They can blend with or compliment stairs and walkways. Patterned Concrete® proprietary Signature Styles replicate old-world European streets and piazzas, new-world contemporary finishes and quarry-based stamped concrete looks that are so natural you won’t be able to tell them from natural stone.

Heated Driveways

While snow and ice can be beautiful, they lose some of their allure when it comes time to shovelling and de-icing our driveways. Our engineered heated driveway and walkway technologies keep them looking beautiful, avoid slips and falls and eliminate shovelling. Patterned Concrete heated driveway and walkway systems create a safe, non-slip surface that is worry- and virtually maintenance-free. They can be automated, activated and monitored by your smartphone, automatic, electrical or use a heated-water system. Whichever Patterned Concrete system, design, finish or style you choose, it’s an energy-efficient investment that pays for itself – keeping yourself and others safe from harm, saving on back-breaking or budget-breaking labour and prolonging the life of your concrete.

heated driveways

Installation Matters

Your project might look beautiful in pictures and on completion. And it may not. The company installing your paving stones or stamped concrete may not always be as experienced as they need to be. It may not adequately prepare the substrate or use quality materials. Their stamping tools may not be rigid or of sufficient depth to produce a quality finish. Patterned Concrete® decorative stamped concrete can only be installed by trained, licensed Patterned Concrete® Global Professional installers.

There is No Substitute for Excellence

Driveways, walkways, and sidewalks often go unnoticed until something goes wrong. Cracks, shifting, staining, settling, weeds and discolouration are frustrating, disappointing and can significantly add to the long-term cost of your investment. Paving products and interlocking-style paving companies may say that concrete is hard to repair, may crack over time and may stain, requiring special cleaning agents. These claims may be valid with some concrete installations, but it’s essential to know that not all decorative stamped concrete products, processes or installers are comparable. And interlocking-style pavers have their issues. Learn more about the benefits and disadvantages of these products and the Patterned Concrete® Difference. Your home will thank you.