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Beyond the Pool. The Benefits of Long-Term Thinking.

Residential or commercial pools can be an impressive focal point – a place to relax and entertain with family and friends, and a compelling draw for condo, apartment or hotel guests and residents. They’re great for the kids, great exercise, the basis of ‘staycations’ and can save you money at the gym.

Installing a pool costs between $85,000 to $110,000. Maintenance costs? Another $4,000 per year. It’s a significant investment for what, in many places, is a short season.

So if you’re going to invest in a swimming pool, it’s also worthwhile investing in surrounding decking, patio and outdoor living space that enhances your pool design and maximizes your ability to enjoy the season and add value. Depending on the size of your yard or location, beyond required decking, dream big. How would that pool transform your outdoor space – and your life – with the addition of a cabana or shade structure, hot tub, swim-up bar, multiple patio spaces, firepit, outdoor kitchen or bar, landscaping or permanent seating – even a mini putting green or mini skate park. Why not?

Of course, you may only be able to afford to start with the pool and decking, but planning for the finished look and choosing the products and finishes to do that is a smart, versatile choice. The point is that treating the upgrade of your entire outdoor space as a single project will save you money and result in a more harmonious cohesive look.

Choice. There is an overwhelming amount of it. Pools, patios, plants, textures, surfaces, finishes, looks, lighting, experts and contractors. Where to start? Flexibility. Listening. Proven product, expertise, experience and the ability to collaborate are an excellent beginning.

Do you want a modern contemporary look? An old-world European feel? Classic? Traditional? Industrial? Creative? Natural and organic or structured and linear?

A sizeable integrated concept has a lot of moving parts and needs professional help. Your collaborative team could include a landscape designer, architect, hardscape professional, lighting expert and even a smart- technology pro that can light your firepit, fire up your spa jets and set the mood with music and lighting.

Whether it’s a simple pool and surround or your dream oasis, it makes sense to choose licensed professionals and superior-quality, proven product choices. Cutting corners is costly, and there is no substitute for excellence.

Long-term thinking goes beyond product longevity and how your vision comes together and when you can complete it, especially in the hardscape product you choose. Will the swim-up bar you add in five years look like the rest of your project? Will the colour be the same? The finish? Or will it look like an add-on afterthought? Will it even be available? When every project is precisely customized and tracked, you can add on and expand your vision, even many years later, assured of a perfect match in colour, finish and texture.

When the pool of your dreams – and more – comes with a major investment, disappointment is not an option. Do your homework and ensure you trust the professionals you choose. Learn more about the differences between hardscape surfaces.