Seasonal Maintenance



You have made the investment so why not care for it?

We recommend your investment be protected and cared for to provide for the longevity of its beauty!

Our team of professional service staff will perform a thorough wash of your concrete surface, detail any areas requiring attention, and re-seal the surface to provide full protection from the elements of Mother Nature and high traffic.

0 – 350 sq. ft
350 – 800 sq. ft
800 – 2500 sq. ft
$425.00 +HST
$1.10 per sq. ft. +HST
$0.90 per sq. ft. +HST

For Installations greater than 2500 sq. ft. – please contact us to book an on-site visit for best pricing.

Oil stains, crack repairs, parging, step faces, snow plow damage, and other incidental repairs will be quoted on site on a time and material basis prior to washing and sealing.

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