• Stamped Concrete Floors & Walls

There is so much more to concrete than dull, grey and boring.

Just look in any architecture, interior design or luxury home magazine! Look around, look down –you’ll see modern concrete finishes used in kitchens, bathrooms, living areas, restaurants, commercial spaces and public places.
Patterned Concrete® has spent more than 50 years researching, developing and installing concrete finishing technologies. We are the floor and wall experts. Rich hues and sophisticated detail are the hallmarks of Patina Saw Cut + Stain. It’s how we’ve defined our proprietary staining and hardening process. Why? It creates variegated or translucent staining effects on concrete surfaces – walls, floors, countertops – producing the aged appearance of a time-worn patina. Bonded to become an inherent part of the concrete surface, it will not fade, chip, crack or peel. The result is unique and cannot be duplicated by other colouring materials. Another unique concrete finish proprietary to Patterned Concrete®, Polish Plus® – recognized by homeowners and specified by architects and interior designers as a practical and highly sought-after finish for newly installed residential and commercial flooring solutions. Natural polished-concrete floors are modern, appealing and low-maintenance. They eliminate the need for tile carpeting or additional stone. Area rugs look fantastic but are unnecessary as glycol heating keeps them warm underfoot. Polish Plus® technology results in a high shine, hard, durable finish and can be customized with a range of colours to enhance any design. Polish Plus® Diamond Finish is the perfect concrete solution to refurbish existing concrete floors. In addition, it brings a high shine to commercial, industrial and institutional spaces. Patterned Concrete® Global professionals have also made their mark around the world with outstanding formed concrete designs, like the award-winning skateparks, playgrounds and water parks designed by Patterned Concrete® Ontario. And, of course, everywhere you go, you’ll find stunning garden walls, retaining walls and outdoor surfaces that will stop you in your tracks. You may think they are natural quarried materials, but odds are, they’re stamped architectural concrete from Patterned Concrete®. Visit our Patterned Concrete gallery and visit us @patterned concrete on social for design ideas.